District Chief Executive Officer (DCE) for Biakoye in the Oti Region, Millicent Kabuki Carbo, has called on the chiefs and people of the area to forge ahead in unity with the purpose to facilitate development.


According to her, the disunity and disputes among the traditional rulers and the people retard development of the area, hence the need for them to come together.


Addressing the chiefs and queens, she mentioned that government alone could not bring the needed development to the area but it is only through unity that the people can build a formidable district.


She made this known during an Easter party (BiDa Fest) organized by the Biakoye district assembly for the chief and people as part of its initiative to bring them together and support it’s agenda of development.


Vice president for the Oti Regional House of Chiefs and the paramount chief of Tapa Traditional Area, Nana Okofourobour Baffour Kwame Asante II,  also reiterated  the purpose of peace  among the various traditional rulers and asked them to forge ahead in unity  for the needed development.


He further advised those sowing seeds of disunity in the area to stop, since such actions retard progress and development.