Works & Engineering Department

In accordance with the Local Government (Departments of District Assemblies) (Commencement) Instrument, 2009 (L. I. 1961), the functions of the Central Administration Department is as follows:

Joseph Nkunku

Head of Department

To serve as the Secretariat of the District Assembly and shall be responsible for the provision of support services, effective and efficient general administration and organization of the District Assembly.

To manage all sections of the Assembly including:
  1. Estates
  2. Transport
  3. Logistics and Procurement
  4. Accounts
  5. Stores and
  6. Security

  • The Department shall also coordinate the
  1. General administrative functions
  2. Development planning and management functions
  3. Budgeting and Rating functions and
  4. Statistics and information services generally

  • The services that the department renders to the public are as follows:
  1. Marriage Registration and Celebration
  2. Scholarship for needy students
  3. Register complaints through the Clients Service Unit to the Public Relations & Complaint Committee (PRCC).
  4. Coordinate the Ghana School Feeding Programme (GSFP) in Ayawaso West Municipal Assembly.
  5. Coordinate health related and HIV/AIDS sensitizations.
  6. Facilitates Security issues in the Municipality through the Municipal Security Committee.