Common livestock found in the Biakoye District are sheep, goats, cattle, pigs and poultry (fowls, ducks and guinea fowls). About 80% of all households in the District keep one or other type of livestock.  The   commonest among them are the local/domestic fowls and small ruminants.

The system practised widely is free-range, whereby the animals scavenge for food the whole day with little or no supplementary feeding.  This, coupled with little or no medication, makes the birds generally hardy with slow growth and poor weight. They also suffer from many preventable diseases.

Small ruminants (sheep and goats) are also kept by households. Most of them are not housed or confined. Those housed are confined in the evenings and let loose during the day for foraging with little or no supplementary feeding and medication.

Cattle production is on relatively small scale and confined mostly to the savanna areas of the district and along the Volta Lake. The availability of rice and maize residue, when processed into hay, can be used for small ruminants and cattle development in the district.