Social Welfare & Community Development

Core Mandate

Child Rights, Promotion and Protection, Community Care and Justice Administration.

Emmanuel Sefenu Togobo

Services Provided

The Department Provides Social Coordinates and Promotes social Development Programs and Polices to improve the welfare of people, groups and communities by:

  • Facilitate the Registration and Renewal of Early Childhood development /Day Care Centres, Supervise and monitor their activities.
  • Identify and Register Persons with Disabilities (PWD’s) facilitate Livelihood Empowerment Programmes and support them with the District Assembly Common Fund (DACF) – PWD
  • Facilitate the Registration and Renewal of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the Districts and Monitor their Activities.
  • Train Community Groups, Women and Youth in Employable/Sustainable Skills to Improve their Standard of Living.
  • Undertake child protection activities, Provide Shelter, Care and Protection for Missing, Stranded, Abandoned but found Children, Investigate, trace and Reunite them with their Family.
  • Support Family and Individual in handling Child Maintenance Cases, Child Abuse, Custody / Access, Family Reconciliation and General Child Welfare.
  • Facilitate, Supervise and Monitor the Implementation of Social Intervention Programmes e.g. School Feeding Programme and Livelihood Empowerment against Poverty (LEAP) among others.
  • Undertake and Collaborate with Agencies, Departments, and organisations to Sensitize individuals and Community members on Socio- Economic, Health and other social issues.
  • Organise Literacy and Adult Education Programmes for Community Members.
  • Offer Psycho-Social Counselling to affected person with HIV–AIDS
  • Co-ordinate and regulate specialised residential homes, services for children, disabled, aged, vulnerable and  the under privileged in society.

List of Social Services/Protection intervention Programs

  1. Services rendered to persons with disabilities (PWD’s)

  2. Child Protection Programs and Services

  3. Health insurance registration and Renewal for the vulnerable, indigents &Leap beneficiaries

  4. Service for Livelihood empowerment against Poverty (LEAP)

  5. School Feeding Program

Hotlines For Vulnerable/ Children & Clients

OFFICE LINE: 030 296 6181

024 320 2156 / 050 704 0885*